Vis - Sv.Andrija - Palagruza - Vis
27.04.  -  30.04. 2018.

They were so close...Ola with skipper Ivica Kostelić sailed almost full distance and was firmly in third position most of the time. At Stončica lighthouse, only few miles from finish they were forced to retire because they couldn't cross the finish line within time limit...

Second yacht in finish line is Slovenian Cleansport one with skipper Marjan Kočila! After a long struggle in calm the wind came for them a little before Stončica lighthouse so they were able to cross finish line few hours before time limit...

During the morning Cleansport one was able to extend its lead over Ola to almost 15nm. Slovenian crew with skipper Marjan Kočila is now 10 from Vis. Austria One with skipper Kurt Zatloukal is some 10 nm behind Ola skippered by Ivica Kostelić. At the moment (12:40) there is some wind on open sea, but near Vis it is very light...

Srna V and Vela has retired from the race because they are unable to cross finish line within time limit. We are expecting crew of Srna V in Vis around 15.00 h

Adriatic Europa with skipper Dušan Puh is winner of 12th Adriatic Race!

Race committee is preparing to welcome first yacht across the finish line 

2:00 Adriatic Europa is near Stončica, only few miles from finish line

0:50 Cleansport one is 3 nm ahead of Ola as both yachts are approaching Palagruža. I seems that Adriatic Europa is out of reach for Vo60 and class40.

Adriatic Europa emerged from area without tracking signal around Palagruža and is 20nm from Vis and finish line of Adriatic Race.

According to unconfirmed information Adriatic Europa took unusualy wide route on their Palagruža rounding. Cleansport one and Ola with more conventional strategy are trying to close the gap...

We are entering second night of the race while competitors are strugling with the calm that now covers almost entire race course. Adriatic Europa is beyond tracking signal somewhere around Palagruža. Behind them Ola is closing in on Cleansport one while Austria One, Srna V and Vela suffered all day in extremely light conditions near Dubrovnik. Munjek crew arrived in Vis after retiring near Korčula.

Skipper Ivica Kostelić in his offshore racing debut shortly after the start. He is gathering valuable offshore sailing experience with previous Ola skipper Toni Bulaja Vepar onboard. 

During early morning first yachts turned lighthouse sv. Andrija in order: Adriatic Europa, Cleansport one and Ola. Austria One decision to sail north of Mljet proved costly while Munjek F was becalmed all night near Korčula. Srna V progress on southern route is slow but steady. Crili Vrančić was able to build the gap to Vela to more than 10nm. On picture: Ola and maxis in the distance...

Difficult night of light wind. Contidions best managed by Dušan Puh and his crew. Adriatic Europa is first into new breeze, while Cleansport one, Austria One and Ola are some 15 nm behind. Srna V with skipper Vrančić holds advantage over Vela skippered bz Dalibor Jurković. Damir Glišević, Tonči Bogoje, Bruno Gjidera, Darko Prižmić and Duško Tomić are becalmed near town Korčula.

Three very different 60ft yachts - Volvo60, Imoca60 and Open60 one off 1 mile from Stončica lighthouse. Adriatic Europa has recaptured the lead from Cleansport one while Austria One was able to stay in touch with favourites. During the afternoon Adriatic Europa extended its lead to 3-4 nm.

Adriatic Race has started in great sailing contidions! Adriatic Europa with Dušan Puh at the Helm timed the start to perfection, but after the battle in Vis bay they were passed by Cleansport one with skipper Marjan Kočila. Cleansport one was first around the harbour mark, followed by Adriatic Europa, Austria One, Ola, Munjek F, Srna V and Vela....


Early morning before the start, we are expecting light to moderate sirocco at the begining of the race...

Skippers meeting took place in Villa Kaliopa. It will be full distance race, Vis-Dubrovnik-Palagruža-Vis.


Last autumn they were racing in confined and shallow Venetian lagoon, but tomorrow they will face each other in the middle of Adriatic - Adriatic Europa and Cleansport One

We are on the eve of 12th edition of Adriatic race that will start on April 27 at the entrance of Vis harbour. This 225 nautical miles long race will gather only the most determined crews who are ready to take on the competition in unpredictable offshore conditions...

Winner of 4th edition of PMS Žena race is Hungarian team Penge VSE with skipper Annamaria Sabjan. We want to thank all competitors and sponsors of this unique event for their participation and support. See you in 2019!

12th Adriatic Race

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